Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eventful night

Last night I was typing up a post about the dentist, which was flowing well after the consumption of pain medicine. But not much later the pain medicine didn't sit well in my stomach so I saved the post and promptly went to bed. About an hour later I awoke to the weird sound of water trickling right next to my bed. Hmmm, that is one of those sounds that isn't supposed to be in your bedroom.

So I sat up and over the end of the bed I see my youngest son standing there in proper position and peeing all over my clothes I just placed in a storage container. "Matthew, what are you doing?!" is probably what squealed out of my mouth which was returned with a blood curdling scream from him because I just scared the daylights out of him. J came running up the stairs and directed Matthew to the proper vessel to receive such pee and then we both couldn't stop laughing.

Like a true gentleman, J carried the pee soaked container down to the laundry to wash them; I don't think they include jobs like that in marriage counseling but I suggest they start.

This morning I pointed Matthew towards the laundry room and asked if the storage container brought back any memories for him and he said no. "No memories? Like peeing on all my clothes last night and then screaming as loud as you could when I asked you what you were doing?"

"Oh yea, that was my dream last night!"

No, no, no my young son; my pee soaked clothes were certainly real and not a dream.

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  1. Thank you so much for the laugh! I've had the same thing happen to another friend, with her young son! I can very happily report that neither of my sons has EVER done this!