Monday, December 17, 2012

Handmade soap without the work!

I've shown you how to make your own soap and I know it looks kind of fun, and the end result would be oh, so lovely, but really, you just aren't sure about turning your kitchen into a science lab.  Right?

Well, I've branched out from making soap only for our family and made enough soap to bathe a daycare center, for a month.  I want to share our soap with others while helping provide for our family at the same time.

If you would be interested in trying handmade soap and experiencing all the ways it pampers your skin more than the beauty bars sold at the stores, please browse around my Etsy shop, Birch Creek Soaps.  I've included a "buy 5 and get free shipping" special to help everyone out a little bit.

Our family appreciates your interest.  Merry Christmas!