Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Common Objections to Adoption

Almost every time we have someone ask us about adopting Claire we hear the statement, "Oh, I'd love to adopt but insert reason here."  Many times that reason is money.

Is it expensive to adopt?  Yes.
But, it doesn't come all at once.  We were able to cash flow a lot of our early adoption expenses because the big expenses were spaced a couple months apart.  The biggest expense was travel and we did use credit to finance a lot of it.
But, did you know there is a tax credit for adopting?  Yes, to the tune of ~$12,000!  Does that make it sound a little more doable?  You do have to front the expenses and you can file for the credit (which is now a lump sum refund) the year following your finalized adoption.  Even the government sees that it is a good thing to get orphans into families!

I challenge you to really look at your list of reasons you can't adopt and see if maybe pushing beyond your comfort zone is something you'd consider.  There are approximately 149 million orphans.... that's right, million!  Can you change the life of just 1?