Saturday, June 28, 2008

On Fire

A quick shopping tip for you.
When switching brands on diced tomatoes, be sure to thoroughly check the label for anything that might indicate it would be mouth-numbing hot. I usually buy Del-Monte diced tomatoes with green chilies for our quesadillas and salsa. One day at the grocery store I decided to try Red Gold diced tomatoes with green chilies. We moved and I used the new can to make chicken quesadillas a few nights ago. I had already made all the kids' quesadillas when J ate a spoonful of tomatoes. I then watched as he tried to suck air in as fast as possible to extinguish his burning tongue. I was shocked, the other tomatoes weren't spicy at all. He then turns the can around and we read "HOT" on the bottom of the label. Hmm..I really should have checked for that prior to making the quesadillas. Another good laugh in the kitchen.
We have moved once again making this house #8 in 10 years. This is the first home we have actually got to call our own and we are very busy updating it. We have now purchased 16 gallons of paint. Nine of those gallons are on the walls already so we are over half way! We have painted every day for the last ten days and started our newest project today: painting the kitchen cabinets. We will put in our own countertops this week and then start the tile and wood floors. I can't wait to finally unpack and relax in our new home. I will start posting pictures of this chaotic adventure soon.