Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday!

The other children usually meander into the kitchen for breakfast on their birthday acting somewhat tired, just waiting for me to squeal, "Happy Birthday" or break out in the birthday song.  
But, not Claire.  
No, she cheerfully waltzed into the kitchen with a huge smile and both arms outstretched and announced "today is my birthday!" in a grand fashion.  Then she ran into the living room, or blue room, we affectionately call it so I can feel like we have a house big enough for a maid.  Oh wait, any house is big enough for one of those!
Anyway, she ran into the blue room and said "I'm going to see how many presents there is for me birthday" (and I tactfully refrained from correcting her grammar because, hello, today is her birthday).  Then I realized she was thinking a birthday fairy delivers overnight like Santa so I gently told her birthday fairies don't exist. OK, so maybe I was laughing but admit it, it is pretty funny.

J is gone this week so we are celebrating her birthday on the weekend.  She's asked for a Minnie Mouse theme and asked me 3 days ago if I had her cake done.  I must really have her fooled that I can do it all; where is that magic birthday fairy?

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.

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