Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily!

Nine years ago today I was lying in a hospital bed, crying and begging for the doctors to induce me. My dear daughter had overstayed her welcome by one week and J would be leaving for a week in two short days. It was imperative that I put the "Closed" sign on my womb and evict the tenant. The doctor's finally relented and decided to induce my labor. I tried to tell them that I'd be no trouble, my babies come quick and I wouldn't use too much of their time. They didn't believe me.

From the start of Pitocin to a bouncing, screaming baby girl in my arms was 2 1/2 hours. I secretly love proving people wrong; one labor nurse in particular.

It is hard to believe my little girl is 9 years old today. Here are a few things I love about Emily.

* She has a very caring heart and is always thinking of other people.
* She loves any type of crafts, making for a great craft partner.
* She has beautiful eyes that are a color of her own. Her eyes are a grayish green that doesn't match anyone in the entire family.
* She has beautiful, thick hair. She often likes to complain about how thick her hair is and I remind her that she didn't have a choice; it is a trait that she comes by honestly.
* She makes friends easily but then does not forget them when we move her around often. She will have many friends all over the country by the time she graduates.
* She loves little children and is wonderful with them; she will make an excellent babysitter in a few years.
* She likes to bake and cook.
* She is an excellent student whom the teachers always love.
* She is extremely responsible for her age.
We will be taking Emily and three of her friends to lunch and a movie on Saturday to celebrate.

Bottomless Pit

So it has started. I knew when I gave birth to two boys that a few years down the road I would be needing to make grocery store trips a couple times a week and a family meal at a fast food restaurant would cost more than a sit down meal for J and myself.

Last week I took the kids to Subway before we took the dog to training. Each child ate a 6 inch sub; so much for the kids meal subs. Then 1 1/2 hours later both boys were clutching their stomach and whining "I'm starving, Mom!" Yes, because you know a 6 inch sub is not nearly enough to feed a 6 and 10 year old boy; what was a I thinking?

I dread the sounds my bank account will be making as we get through the full teenage years.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A little thought for your food

Every woman loves chocolate, right? OK, well I have met a few loose nuts that say they don't like chocolate and I wonder if they've ever had their estrogen levels checked because that just doesn't sound normal.

But, have you ever wondered where your chocolate comes from? I learned last year that most big name chocolate manufacturers actually buy their cocoa from plantations that use child labor. Here is a photo slide show that msnbc.com posted online this morning showing cocoa production in Ivory Coast, Africa. And here is an article detailing the child labor at cocoa plantations.

This Valentine's Day I urge you to pay a little bit extra to buy chocolates from a fair trade manufacturer. It will cost more than the chocolate bars that saturate the market but I have found it tastes a bit sweeter when I know the workers on the beginning end of my chocolate bar were paid fair wages for their work and more importantly- were not children.
To find retailers near you that sell Fair Trade Certified products, click here.

To view a list of chocolate brands that are presumably slave-free, click here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The kitchen

I've never posted a kitchen after we finally finished the wood floor. We finished off the floor around Thanksgiving but the kitchen has not been showcase clean until this week. We were preparing for our first visit from the social worker for our home study so all the island paper weights were hidden in the cabinets.