Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Emily

It just seems impossible that she is 12. My memory is still quite vivid of willing this stubborn child out of my womb at a week overdue. How can it be that it was already 12 years ago?

Emily is stubborn
Emily is a fighter
Emily is an overachiever
Emily is a perfectionist
Emily will not take "no" as an answer

You might view those as negative personality traits and occasionally they do cause frustration in our house but, those personality traits will carry our girl far when she's a grown woman. Man, she is going to pick a career path and blaze a trail straight to it, there is no doubt in my mind. She will be stubborn in her studies, a fighter when she feels like she can't make it, an overachiever who will be set the bar high and achieve it with perfection, and I pity the person who stands in her way and tells her no.

Emily is kindhearted.
Emily is a cheerful giver.
Emily is sensitive.
Emily loves children.
Emily loves animals.
Emily loves the Lord.

And we LOVE her. We are so blessed to watch this young girl grow into a young lady and achieve the goals she sets for herself. She has seamlessly transitioned into middle school this year and followed in our band geek footsteps with her decision to play the clarinet.  (proud parent moment!)

Today is for Emily and celebrating her.