Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Me! Monday

We were away from the house for 9 days and the first weekend we were gone we encountered the daylight savings time change. We all moved our internal clocks forward one hour and by the time we got back home a week later we were all readjusted to the new time.

We drove straight home yesterday, only stopping once for a quick break. I, in no way held off my kids with snack food instead of feeding them a real lunch so we could eat once we got home. This snack would never consist of chocolate frosted cake donuts from Casey's which just happens to be one of my least favorite foods in the world. Since it is one of my least favorite I would never buy one donut for each of them and two for myself. Nope. Plus, I'm starting my diet again for the 129th time today so I would never try and eat two chocolate frosted cake donuts the day before.

Once getting home we unpacked the van diligently and I even unpacked all of the kids' clothes the same day we arrived home (this doesn't always happen, OK fine, it rarely happens.) Everyone got a bit hungry so I made a quick skillet of fried rice around 7 pm then promised the kids a treat if they were quick in putting on their pajamas. Oh how happy I was when all the kids were clean, dressed, and in bed by 8:10; only 10 minutes off their scheduled bedtime but about 1 to 2 hours earlier than their bedtime this last week while vacationing.

After kissing the last child, Matthew, I did not look at his clock and think I was losing my mind when it said 9:11. "What, these clocks are wrong... what does that one say, as I glanced into Emily's room? 9:11" Hmmm...
It was then that I may have realized that I was looking at the stove clock all evening which hadn't been moved forward. Hmph.
RIght about then my hand may have moved from patting myself on the back.

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  1. You crack me UP! In person in China - now over the internet! I love it!