Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (sort of)

I'm going to try and get my blog up and running again so I'm catching the coattails of many other bloggers and posting a "Wordless Wednesday." I'm not sure if any of mine will actually be wordless but I'll shoot for less each week.

Golf bag party in the parking lot! Jacob is taking a golf camp and it surprised and delighted me to see all the junior golf sets when I came to pick him up.

Yesterday was schedule pick-up for the new middle-school babies. It is hard to believe I have a child old enough for middle school; my parents were old when I was in middle school. Oh, how perceptions change!
Jacob and I walked through his schedule a few times and after practicing his lock a few times he finally got it. He seems more excited than scared so that makes the transition a bit easier, for me.

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