Monday, March 31, 2008

Looking for luck

Tonight I used up the last of our store-bought fortune cookies for an after-dinner treat. All of them had the standard "apply me to area of your life that would make sense" saying on them except two. Matthew was the lucky one tonight and had two fortunes inside his cookie...Hint #1 that someone was having an off day at the cookie factory. Hint #2: The fortune. What in the world; did they sit around in a 'twiddle your thumbs' meeting on the day these lovely fortunes were put to paper?
I can see it now...the executives called a brainstorming meeting and all the employees tried to think of great, generic catchphrases that would suit the bosses. But every once in awhile someone would slide one in and it would make it through, all the way to the cookie floor. I have decided this was the birthplace of Matthew's fortunes.
Jokester Jim was having a slow brain day so he just starting thinking of his day thus far. Hmmm...the color purple looks really good on Sally today so let's write "Focus on the color purple this week and you will find good luck" (one of the fortunes) I think Jokester Jim had the hots for Sally so he was going to focus on her for the week and hope to find luck for himself. Then my favorite "Let another car cut in front of you today" I'm thinking Jokester Jim was a little slow on the reaction time during his morning commute and had a few cars cut in front of him. But thankfully he was able to spin that into something positive for himself. Good for Jim.
After those in-depth, thought provoking fortunes I think I will find a purple car today and let it cut in front of me. I am sure to be destined for good luck.

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