Thursday, March 27, 2008

Signs, Signs, Everywhere there's signs

I walked down the hall today to find several signs taped up on the doors. One read "famle meding"; that would be "Family Meeting" to those of you who aren't fluent in kindergarten-phonic spelling. He decided we needed to have a meeting about being mean to each other and if you are mean to each other you won't make friends. Hmm...did someone's class have a visitor from the counselor today?
And then I found the pictured sign on the door to the boys' room. "No girls allowed...only Mom." Because you know, moms aren't girls. I like to think that I'm allowed because I'm too cool to be grouped in with the cootie-carrying girls. Yes, that has to be it; at least that will make me sleep better at night.
Part of me doesn't want him to learn anymore because I think his phonic spelling signs and papers are too cute. One day he wrote "My mom is very very very to nise." But my all time favorite... While writing sentences for homework Matthew showed his work to Dad. I heard hubby laughing and say "go show Mom". He came to me and told me he wrote "when is lunch?" I looked at the paper and it read "wine is lush?" I couldn't control the laughter.

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