Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's

I do not normally pull April Fool's jokes on people but this year was different. This year I schemed for the best way to set up the kids and hubby.
I decided to take a screen capture of the school's website and add my own text "April 1, 2008 School Cancelled." Hubby helped with all the IT geeky stuff and it was an actual webpage. I left it on the laptop (which sits in the kitchen) so the kids would see it around breakfast time. As predicted, Emily was the first to notice the announcement. She immediately said "no, that is just a joke; the school put that on there for April Fool's." I worked on her for awhile to try and convince her but she was standing pretty firm that it was a joke. Matthew came in and saw the screen and running like a wild man, squealing "NO SCHOOL!" I told them a few minutes later that it was a joke but it took even more convincing that I did it and not the school.
The best one of the morning though is the one I pulled on my very loving, won't seek revenge hubby. (Let's hope!) I came in the kitchen before him and placed a rubberband around the kitchen sprayer to hold the handle down. I strategically placed the sprayer to point in the correct direction and then silently waited. Eventually (felt like forever!) he made his way to the sink to wash something. One flip of the handle and cold water was spraying directly at his stomach and his screams were penetrating the house. Just as predicted, he was too stunned to turn on off the water, he just kept getting sprayed while trying to find the source. It was definitely a good laugh. That is until he sought after me to give me a nice big bear hug with very wet clothes.

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