Monday, March 17, 2008


Issuing an APB for a size 13.5 Reebok shoe, blue with silver accents, stretchy laces, as dirty as a 5 year old can possibly make it with red mud hardened in the tread.
Somehow in our huge (HA!) house we have lost Matthew's shoe... OR Matthew has lost his shoe. He retreated to the shower last night with both of them on (I'm assuming) and this morning only one shoe was found at the scene. The other must be a victim of the Silent Reebok Sneak, now known simply as SRS. He's been known to snatch in the past and not only from our family either!
To solve our SRS attack, Matthew hobbled around with one shoe on and one off for several minutes, then the searching came to an end. I was waiting with them for the bus and looked down to find my son with a Reebok on one foot and a brown church shoe on the other foot. "What in the world do you have on your feet, son?!" He smiled and said he couldn't find the other shoe so this was the best solution. I quickly grabbed the other brown shoe so he had two matching feet and off to school he went.
The SRS still hasn't returned the missing shoe.

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