Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Birthday girl

Last week another one of my children entered the double digits; Emily turned 10. She's growing into such a lovely young lady. She has a heart of gold and enough hair for 4 women; yep, she comes by that pretty honestly. The hair, I mean.
Her favorite color is turquoise, followed closely by lime green.
She loves crafts and always has. She has many half-finished craft projects hidden in her room.
She is an excellent student and a teacher-pleaser.
She is a very loyal friend.
She is an awesome daughter and I love her so very much.
I'm feeling pretty old now having two children in the double digit ages. We've traded well-baby appointments and play group dates for orthodontist visits and swim team meets. Good thing I have siblings still having babies because now I get snuggle them, then buy the loud annoying music makers and send them home. Love you all!

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