Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jacob

Today my oldest "baby" turns 11. He's transitioned from asking for cars and trucks for his birthday to asking for I-Pods and CDs instead. When did all this happen?! I simply can't be old enough to have a child starting middle school in the fall.

A few things we love about Jacob:

* He remembers every.single.thing he reads or learns. This comes in handy when you are wondering how many light years separate the Earth and Jupiter or just how many teeth a shark has.
* He loves learning about how things work.
* He can be extremely helpful around the house; he'll even start laundry on his own sometimes!
* He is very passionate about what he believes in.
* He is very concerned with doing the right thing. We hope and pray this will help him overcome bad peer pressure as he matures.
* He is extremely intelligent and we know he will change the world in some way.
* He loves to mow the yard!
* He loves to read and will out read J and I any day of the week.
* He loves to act and entertain; he's a great storyteller too.
* He is a great big brother to Matthew, even though we know younger siblings can be annoying sometimes. Matthew looks up to Jacob for everything.

Jacob made his splash into the world 3.5 weeks early to two very young parents that had no idea what they were doing. The first time he cried J and I looked at each other and said "Now what?!" Somehow we've muddled through and I don't think we've messed him up yet; I credit that all to Jacob's resilience and forgiveness! Jacob teaches us that we all love in a different way and Jacob has already touched many people in his short 11 years.