Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Anniversary

So today was our 12 year anniversary. We reserved a babysitter for last night, enjoyed wine and chocolates after a fancy dinner and watched a great play at the Fox.

Insert record screech here...
Au contraire, mon frère.
Here is what we really did. I called four babysitters last week; one had her phone disconnected (how awesome are those parents?! Abuse it and lose it, which really sucks when that is the only number listed for the babysitter.), one listed phone number went to a business (and it wasn't the babysitting kind of business) and a set of twins didn't return my message. So, no babysitter for us.

We started today with no real plans but Emily talked us into loading up the bikes and going for a ride. We were all hungry and planned to eat at Subway prior to our bike ride but there wasn't a Subway around. In fact, the only restaurant around was an old, run-down Burger King. We did get to eat alone though, the kids wanted to sit at the "bar" adjacent to us. We got to pretend we were on a high school date at Burger King; burger shots are so fancy and all.

We then headed into the park and started riding. The weather wasn't bad, a bit warm and humid but such is life in these parts. Then, as I was trying really hard not to look like a pansy and walk my bike up a steep hill I stood up to pedal. Big mistake. I thrust my leg down and directly into a sharp point of my water bottle holder. It reads like a really lame story but it really hurt like... well, let's move on. As I sat on the pavement nursing my bleeding, bruised leg my wonderful husband of 12 glorious years cleaned me up and bandaged my leg. He even threw in a "Happy Anniversary" to make it all feel better. I pulled up my big girl pants and carried on.

We took a trail that led us through some very dense (HUMID!) woods and then let the kids play at a playground while we took an obligatory sweaty self-portrait, before heading back. We've picked one or two ticks off of ourselves but at least three off each child; the kids must taste better. So, Happy 12th Anniversary to my wonderful husband. Thank you for always rescuing me when you sense the chaos is about to dunk me underwater. You are the life ring I can always reach out and grab and know I am safe; I simply can't imagine life without you.

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  1. You guys are so cute! Congratulations ... but that is kind of dumb because I expect nothing less! You are great people and are very blessed to have each other! Happy Anniversary!

    We have the same babysitting situation around here.. it kind of sucks to have to reserve the one babysitter a month out just to go on a date! (If she comes after you reserve her that is!)

    Oh Well.. hope all is well for you all!