Friday, January 2, 2009


Are you the type to make resolutions every time New Years Day rolls around? Do you keep them or dump them in a week?

I usually do not make New Year resolutions. In the past I have tried to set a goal for myself but I never really set the bar extremely high so if I didn't make it I never had the sense of being a failure (see how that works?). In years past I have thought of trying to be a better mom, or more patient, or always speaking with a sickeningly sweet "oh that is OK you broke my $300 TV with your spray bottle, TWICE, honey" voice, but...well that quickly flew out the window an hour later when I had two or eventually three toddlers/preschoolers all saying "MOMMY" at the same time and I wanted my 12 inches of personal space back. Yea, I tried that goal only once and then I wised up; the only way I could maintain that patient, sweet talking, better mom persona is behind two closed doors with a book during certain times of the day.
OK, so that makes it sound like I'm raising three rowdy, out of control children that drive me crazy. That is only half true- I'm raising three awesome, wonderful children that drive me crazy.

This year I am making a full-fledged effort of setting a few resolutions. To hold myself more accountable I am posting them here for the world to see, so if I fail- I really fail.
In 2009, I plan to:
1. Lose all the weight that I lost once before. This will take a considerable amount more effort than it did last time because at that time I was stressed out and alone with 3 kids for a year. That made weight loss goals unbelievably easy. Now I am happy, fat and comfortable and my stress level is considerably lower; I find chocolate much more desirable now and diet chocolate sucks.
2. I plan to start an individual devotion. I picked up this book yesterday and we'll see how it goes; maybe I'll find that sweet talking mom persona deep down and not raise my voice when my children break the bed for the third time after being told not to jump on it at least once a week.
3. I plan to actively search for a new church. This has been hard for me, far more difficult that I imagined it to be. We city hop and thus, church hop nearly every year but our last year in GA landed us in an absolutely wonderful church where we met amazing people and friends. We were able to share and grow in our financial ministry and found it so rewarding. Leaving that church behind affected me more than I than expected but also clouded my search for a new church. I am vowing to set aside my pouting, whining and my version of a three year old tantrum and come to the conclusion that I cannot have another Westtown but God will lead us to the place we need to serve here.


  1. Cristy,
    Hi! It's Tiffany Smith. We just got your Christmas card today. You know what is amazing? Terrance and I were talking about you all yesterday, wondering how you all were doing. After reading your blog, let me say CONGRATS on the house. I know you are excited and I am excited for you.

    We have moved to Fort Rucker,and are happy to be back here. We love our home on post, and the kids are settling in nicely. Terrance will be going to BNCOC in a few days (WAY OVERDUE) and then he also gets looked at in Jan for E-7...

    I miss you all,and I can certainly understand your frustration in trying to find a church. We have been lucky to come back here and pick up at the Main Post Chapel where we left off.

    I don't know if you have my e-mail but it is I hope you stay in touch.

    Tell your family that our family says hello!!!

    I will send our numbers through e-mail when I hear from you.