Tuesday, January 6, 2009


As a fly on the wall of our house last night you would have heard the following:

Emily- I am NOT eating that!
Matthew- Eww, what smells?
Emily- You don't need to put that on my plate because I am NOT eating it. (Then green beans went on her plate) UGH, that too?! Well, I'm only eating potatoes.

Then the plates were put on the table in the dining room.

Emily- This is so disgusting.
Matthew- Yea, what is this green stuff on it?
Emily- I am so NOT eating this.

Later we were talking about going camping and canoeing with Papa and J asked them if they would go fishing and then eat their fish for dinner?

Emily- No way, I would not eat that; we would be camping.
J- Well, when you go camping you go fishing and then have a fish dinner. (All the while I'm saying how good fried catfish tastes and Matthew is talking about how fun it would be.)
Emily- No, I'm taking real food with me when I camp. (We ask her what this would be.) Stuff like chicken nuggets, pizza, fish sticks.

The girl who just called my dinner disgusting, smelly and green says she will eat fish sticks because they are real food. We made sure we told her what went into fish sticks and Matthew even made sure to point out- EVEN THE EYEBALLS!

Want to know what I served for dinner last night? Broiled salmon with a teriyaki glaze, green beans and potatoes. To her defense, the green beans were gross; I like green beans but will not buy that kind again. She made sure she pointed out that nobody ate their green beans, not even mom or dad.

We informed the kids how nutritious salmon is and we called it "brain food" because of the Omega 3's. Jacob gobbled his up and said he knew he was smarter. Emily begrudgingly ate her salmon after the fish stick and brain food stories but followed it up with a sassy "I know it doesn't really make you smarter."