Friday, January 16, 2009

Lately funnies

Several nights ago we went out to eat dinner and afterwards Matthew wanted to stop by Michael's and pick out some yarn for a scarf (I just recently learned to crochet and Emily has 2 new scarves.) From the restaurant to Michael's we had to listen to the children argue about boys having scarves; Emily insists that boys don't wear scarves and everyone told her yes they can. Among all that chatter Matthew looked up at the store front and saw that one of the letters had a light bulb flickering and pointed it out. We all looked and agreed and then he said "That is a stroke light." Yep, those good 'ole stroke lights.

Tonight I told all the kids to put on their pajamas. This would usually result in Matthew finishing first and Jacob last but tonight it was reversed. I was quite puzzled on what could be taking Matthew so long so I went to check on him. He tried to put his pajama pants on and found the legs to be knotted. He couldn't get them undone and then Jacob yells from his room "just pull the two strings." I tried to explain to him it wasn't that kind of knot and he persistently told me yes, it was. Finally he said "I know how they got knotted; I did it." Upon further questioning he said in his book The Boys Book, How To Be The Best At Everything it says "How to annoy your sister or brother" and follows with tying the legs of their pajamas in knots. I wonder how long those pajamas have sat in his drawer with the legs knotted before Matthew chose them to wear.

This weekend we have to choose Jacob's elective for his first year of middle school. He has the option of band, choir or study skills. He expresses some interest in band but not a lot and I'm trying not to force him into liking band just because he has two parents that were band geeks. Today he brought home the recorder- the screechy when you don't open your throat enough, recorder. After an hour I had to ask him to give the practicing a break; I'm now rethinking this band idea. God bless our parents.

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