Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow pop copycat

So, I read this cutesy little dessert recipe called snow pops over on MckMama's blog. Aren't those adorable? Emily was reading over my shoulder (which she gets in trouble for, often!) and then asked bugged me incessantly to make them for several days. So finally we did and I took pictures to share with all of you.

First step- make a cake mix according to the directions. She used chocolate, we had vanilla in the pantry.
Make some frosting. I didn't have her ingredients so I threw a few together in a bowl and completely impressed my 9 year old daughter with my off-the-top-of-my-head frosting. I might add that is was mighty tasty! What did I put in it? If I can remember right, it was somewhere around 3/4 stick of butter, 1/2 tub of soft cream cheese (no bagels to put it on anyway), a dash of vanilla and enough powdered sugar to make it thick. Stir with a whisk until you think your arm might just fall off, and then stir a bit longer. Remember, it's a good burn.


When your cake is cooled, cut it up and somehow get it into crumbles. MckMama used a food processor. I used a freshly hand-washed 9 year old who had just told me for the 100th time "I'm so bored, I have nothing to do" in her bestest voice.

We mixed in some frosting to make it a good consistency for forming balls, then formed it into balls. Refrigerate until firm and then get ready to dip.

Again, I don't do many things by a recipe so I didn't have any white chocolate to make pretty colors for dipping. But, I do have a coat in each of her favorite colors, do I win a prize for that?

What I did have was a half-used up container of the Bakers dipping chocolate so we used that instead. Insert your lollipop stick, dip and rotate then refrigerate until firm.

The kids loved them, but when have you found a kid that doesn't like anything made of cake, frosting and then dipped in chocolate? For me? I thought it tasted quite similar to a coma-on-a-stick. Despite that I seemed to need a taste each time I opened the refrigerator.

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