Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me Monday

On this last day of Christmas break, I bring you a few things that I totally did not do in the past two weeks.

Being completely responsible adults, J and I would heed all weather warnings of impending blizzards and change our Christmas plans and drive home to family a day early. Of course we would. We would never do something like blow off TV meteorologists and their blizzard warning, keep our Christmas morning tradition and then drive several hours to visit family.

When taking down outdoor Christmas decorations I would gather all necessary storage boxes and dutifully wrap all the lights before placing them in the box. I would never choose the coldest day of the winter, to date, to be the day I pull all the lights off the bushes. I would never grab the lights, yank them off the bushes and then run inside and form little piles all over the house.

And lastly, I would never think it is the cutest thing to dress our family in cheesy, matching pajamas each Christmas and then post them on the blog for all to see the cuteness. Nope, never.

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