Monday, November 30, 2009

A fitting update

There was a boy who loved to play,
He could play outside all the lived longed day.
His most favorite thing was to jump on the trampoline,
And when I expressed concern I was being too mean.

As luck would have it my youngest ran in the door with a hand on his eye,
He said he got hurt but was too busy playing to cry.
A little while later my boy who is so tough,
Was on the floor screaming in a huff and a puff.

So I loaded all three kids into the car,
and headed to our friendly, neighborhood E.R.
Of course these things happen when dad's out of town,
It can never be a convenient time when these events go down.

After more screaming and eye-staining it was revealed,
that my poor boy's eye was torn and it would be a few days until it healed.
He hid in dark rooms and wore a pirate patch all the next day,
He was so sad to tell his friends that he could not play.

My boy has quickly bounced back and although he looks rough,
He'll be back to playing and jumping with friends soon enough.

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