Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Boy's Life

Being a mom to a boy, and even more, two boys, I've just completely given up on some aspects of life.

My half-bath sink is now, and forever will be, simply a vessel that holds water and whatever object might float in it. We've had aluminum foil boat challenges, tinker toy boats and most recently, the battleship game pieces were put to their test in this little sink.

Anything will become an airplane, seriously, anything. This aluminum foil was actually covering a baking dish and while cleaning up the kitchen I found Matthew making it into an airplane. He snagged it quicker than I could get it into the trash. I have found numerous school papers made into airplanes and flown all around the house. On occasion I ask Matthew where the papers went that were in his folder and he points to an airplane lying on the floor somewhere. I've actually signed field trip permission slips that have the markings of paper airplane folds.

Stuffed animals become superheros and then share pop-tarts for breakfast.

While I'm not always good at it, I try to appreciate the creativeness of my boys with their toys and projects around the house because I realize there will be a day when I'm sad that I'm not jabbing Legos into my feet as I walk to tuck in my littlest boy or grumble when waking my oldest because there are toy cars lined up around his room that weren't there when I tucked him in the night before. It's all normal in a boy's life.

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