Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For the birds

Last week I wanted to grill some chicken for dinner. I went outside to start the grill and imagine my surprise when I opened the lid and found this:

What in the world?! I originally jumped because I didn't expect to find my grill full of the scraps of my backyard but then I really freaked when I realized that an animal, most likely a nasty, dirty, poopy bird placed all these scraps here. I nearly peed in my pants when the thought of one very pissed off, nasty bird would come flying out to attack me. Thankfully I opened the grill while they were out for dinner so I wasn't attacked. We had to completely sterilize the grill before I would put food on it. I've opened the grill every day and the persistent little feathered creatures won't give up; they start over on their nest every day. Well, this morning I just left the grill lid open so we'll see if they are birds that enjoy voyeurism.

On a completely different song note...
The school was having the spring carnival this weekend and I volunteered to bake goodies for the cake walk. I found some very cute bluebird cupcakes online and decided to make two dozen for the school. I had decided this before I found nasty bird remnants in my grill, otherwise I wouldn't be making any cutesy bird products.These cupcakes are supposed to resemble a bird nest with three baby birds tweeting for some food. I quietly relish in the fact that someone ate the heads of these birds. OK no, I'm not some deep dark personality that likes to harm animals. But, if these birds don't stay out of my grill...


  1. Your cupcakes are so cute.. how talented of you to be able to decorate them so well.. Birds are pesky.. but at least it isn't a woodpecker.. we had one in Colorado that I would have killed with my own hands if I could have gotten to it.. I love birds and have several bird feeders and love to watch them.. but don't mess with my house and bang on it and wake up me and my kids at 5 in the morning!

  2. That is hilarious about the birds making a nest in your grill! (I know it wasn't fun to clean up - but how often does something like that happen?)