Monday, March 2, 2009

A word from Jacob

One morning last week I was in my room getting ready while the kids were also getting ready for school and I overheard the following conversation.

Matthew- Yea, but what is a depression?
Jacob- It was when companies couldn't afford to pay people so they lost their job and then when they looked for a new job they couldn't find one so they had to travel somewhere else and that meant that families were spilt up and separated. Then because their family was split-up they became sad and depressed; that is why it is called the depression- because so many people were depressed.

I did take the opportunity to tell him that an economic depression is different than medical depression but when you stop and think about it; it makes complete sense.

Last night we were discussing a savings account with Jacob. He decided he wanted to open a savings account with his few dollars in change so he could start earning interest and getting more money. We revisited the idea of the 401 P, as in 401 Parents, with matching contribution. We have told the kids for a couple of years now that whatever money they present to buy a car at the age of 16, we will match it. So that got Jacob's wheels turning and J sat him down at eBay to find what $1000-$2000 will buy him compared to $3000-$4000. He looked for awhile and then came into eat dinner.

Later that night I found a sheet of paper with Jacob's requested car features.
-tinted windows
-tilt steering wheel
-split fold down rear seat
-rear window defog

I nearly busted a gut laughing when I saw this list.

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