Saturday, May 3, 2008

Take years off your life

Want to know how to have a panic attack that will last an entire weekend? Wake-up Friday morning to find this lovely stain across your dining room floor. One sweet princess left her lunch box in her backpack and the apple juice leaked onto the wood floor. However, this was not evident for 2 days when the striking black ghost showed up. If this were our own house I might not have reacted quite as strongly. Oh to the contrary; we currently rent directly from the owner who views this as her mini dream house. I just knew our entire security deposit would be lining her pockets for some time to come. The next week I set out to find a match to the wood and see what repairing the damage entailed.

Want to know how to have a major coronary? Take a circular saw to your wood floors and chisel out 9 boards. Yep, as soon as that blade hit the floor and I saw the sawdust fly I needed the epinephrine. I could feel my entire security deposit fly into the bright white light. Somehow we held it together while J and I chiseled out the boards, measured and cut the new boards and finally glued them all down. As with all home projects, it was not complete without a trip to Lowe's AND Home Depot.

There aren't many pictures quite as disturbing as a circular saw in the dining room of someone else's mini dream house.

At the end of the day we have a dining room floor that is stain-free and our handy work is only barely noticeable. We are ready to floor the new house!

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  1. I have to say that you are one brave and smart woman. The floor looks great!