Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

My house is decorated with lovely crafts and pictures from the kids and beautiful flowers from J. This is a portrait of me painted by Matthew. This year I received breakfast in bed except the preparation was done solely by the children without the help of J. After 30 minutes of preparing my feast they delivered the goods. I dined on orange jello and hot chocolate for breakfast. It was absolutely adorable.

Emily made me coupons at school. I am now entitled to a night of movies and popcorn, a massage and free room cleaning. Matthew made a book for Mother's Day at school, complete with his adorable phonetic spelling. According to Matthew I look my best when we go to church, the funniest thing I do is watch them get on the bus in my pajamas, I'm a magician because I find lost things and a nurse because I make him feel better. Who needs to complete a nursing degree? I already have the children fooled!
My favorite entry is about my cooking though. Here it is in Matthew speak.
The best thing my mom cooks is fride rise and this is how she cooks it. She puts rise in a pan and puts chikin and zookeenee and cooks it for two hurs and six menis.

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