Sunday, January 20, 2008

So Green We're Glowing

When you mention to some people that you are going to buy a hybrid vehicle it is like they put on an invisible "hybrid haters" persona and find every reason that people shouldn't buy one. Lets recount the comments we've heard.
  • It will take you 7 years to recoup the initial higher price by getting just a bit better MPG.
  • The battery will only last 70,000 miles and then it will cost $7,000 to replace (followed by a snide "so how's that hybrid sound now?")
  • You really won't get any better gas mileage than my family toting Dodge Charger.
  • Your wife has a mini-van so keep your Mustang, you don't really need seat belts for everyone. (yea, this was my favorite)
  • If you get in a wreck you might as well be dead because the car is so tiny.
  • It will take 1 mile to get up to 45 mph.

So, here is a little rebuttal for all the declared and disguised "hybrid haters." It also gave me a little time to improve my brain age score by doing some math.

Prior to 12/31 the van needed gas every 10 days @ 19 gallons per fill up. The Mustang needed gas every 10 days @ 15 gallons per fill up. This equates to 34 gallons of gas every 10 days or 102 gallons of gas per month. $298.86/month

After 12/31 the van has been filled up one time and has been using the same tank of gas for 16 days. The Civic has been filled up once after 2 weeks @ 10.5 gallons. The current usage for both vehicles will be 50 gallons of gas per month. $146.50/ month

So, lets us do some simple math. After the $2100 tax credit the initial higher cost is nill and my gas savings per month was slashed in half. Enjoy your time at the pump.

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