Monday, October 29, 2007

Notes from the weekend

We revisited the pants issue with Jacob again this weekend. Since our last episode they have stayed securely in the bottom drawer of his dresser and he has enjoyed wearing shorts. It's only been chilly enough (by South standards) to wear pants a couple of days and I'm sure he wasn't the only child at school that received the looks of "your mother didn't check the weather report, huh? Poor baby." Oh, I did check the weather and my other two children wore pants; Thanks, and have a great day.

It's OK though, he was in his face contorting, arm flapping, bird flying world and oblivious to anything else. He wasn't holding jeans off his nether region and all was right with the world...until Saturday morning. We had Emmy's soccer game and it was chilly and I knew eventually he would need to make the switch and it had to be now. I made him put on the jeans and we all endured the temper tantrum that followed. I joke about it, but I do feel for him. He has a tactile sensitivity that the rest of us don't but I also know as his mother that we go through this with every season change and after one day he will be over it and everything will be fine. I pushed him through it and refused to let him wear shorts. He was mad for about 45 minutes and then forgot he had jeans on. About 2 hours later he said "Mom, a good thing happened today." I looked at him and said "Oh really, what is that?" He told me "I got used to wearing jeans!" Hmmm...Imagine that.

Sunday Night Dinner:
Emmy- Knock Knock
Jacob- Who's There
Emmy- Interrupting Cow
Jacob- Interrupting Co..

Roars of Laughter. This has become the joke of the house and we've heard it no less than 30 times since dinner last night.

The timer

We bought a standard tick tock kitchen timer to help with issues such as teeth brushing, homework, time out, etc. The kids have decided it is much more fun to wind it up and hide it somewhere to try and scare whoever is around when it goes off, notably Mom and Dad. One night we heard the "tick-tock" in our bedroom and found it hidden behind our TV. Last night we heard it in the living room after the kids were put to bed so we deliberately turned it to 0 and set it off which was followed by 3 uncontrollable giggles from the hallway. Today I dropped the kids off at school and came back to update my blog, only to be interrupted by the familiar ring of the timer. The sneaky monkeys set the timer before they left for school as a trap for me. I sense a case of school-age revenge coming on.

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