Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Looking for a funny?

The Sunday comic page has found a new home and new use in our house. Somehow I don’t think this was the original meaning of “reading material” in the bathroom although I might get to clean the mirror less this way. Let me tell you why you now must stand taller than 5’5” to see yourself in the hall bathroom mirror. Our oldest son thinks he is the next Jim Carrey (OK, maybe I will eat my words some day) and contorts his face into images you can only imagine. He has a grand time watching himself and is completely oblivious to the 3928179239 times we tell him to brush his teeth and get out of the bathroom. If he isn’t trying to pop his eyeballs out he is watching his arms flail and hiney sway as described in my post below. So I came up with the idea of covering the mirror to cut down on his temptation. It has semi-worked. He doesn’t show everyone the lining of his nose anymore but he also doesn’t spend any less time in the bathroom. I now find him leaned over the sink, toothbrush hanging out of his mouth, giggling at comics. He has a motorized toothbrush so I guess if it’s in his mouth it has to be accomplishing more than the face contortions do. But, we still holler 394875929 times to get his teeth brushed and get out of the bathroom.


  1. Interesting idea. It probably does help get this kids to brush their teeth. ...at least the ones that are tall enough and can read them.

    I enjoy reading your blog entries Cristy. Thanks for sharing.