Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Restaurants

Have you heard?  I am opening up two new restaurants.

One will be named "I Don't Know" and the other will be "Wherever You Want."

So, those times you're in the car and ask everyone "where do you want to eat?" and get the standard reply of "I don't know", you will have a place to drive to.  I predict it will be full of families with many indecisive members.

The other restaurant named "Wherever You Want" will most likely be full of couples. Young, dating couples, middle aged couples with children (who have left them at home) and of course, older aged couples as well.  So, when one asks the other "where do you want to eat?" and they get a reply of "oh honey, it doesn't matter, wherever you want" they will have a place to take their significant other.

Seriously, I can't believe these restaurants don't already exist.

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