Tuesday, January 4, 2011

365 Project

I want to learn more about photography.
I want to learn how to use all those dials and buttons on my camera.
I love looking at photos that other people take and it inspires me to pick up the camera and take more of our own.

So, as a way to challenge myself and learn more I am trying the 365 Project.  I made a new blog just for the daily photos; we'll see if it lasts 12 days, 120 or the full 365 days.  Thankfully 365project.org uses themes for each week because otherwise I'd run out of ideas after a few days.  I've learned that the kids only like the lens in their faces a few times a month and have coined the term "mamarazzi" and use it often, so this will give me ideas for photos that leave them out of it.

To follow my 365 Project, bookmark my photo blog and see how far I make it.

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