Friday, September 10, 2010

While Mom's Away

I'm squeezing my beauties a little tighter this morning before they run off to school.  Why?
Because I'm leaving this morning for the weekend with just the ladies from my family; my mom, sister, grandma, aunts, and cousins.  I'm so excited to shop all day for 2 days with some of the ladies closest to me.

Are the kids worried about me leaving, or sad that I won't be here when they get off the bus today?
I don't think so based on Matthew's realization the other day.

Matthew: Mom, so you are leaving and we're staying home with dad?
Me: Yes
Matthew: And how long will you be gone?
Me: 2 nights, 3 days  (I'm thinking he's worried that I'll be gone long enough for the house to run out of toilet paper or something.)
Matthew: (as his eyes are rolling around to indicate he's thinking hard)  All right, that means we'll have enough time to eat at all the places you won't let us!  Mom, did you know that Dad takes us to eat where you don't like to go while you're gone?
Me: Yes, I know that
Matthew: (covering his mouth) Oops, maybe I shouldn't have told you that!

So, my kids aren't disappointed at all that I'll be away from them for a couple of nights.  Nope, instead they are already dreaming up the milkshake concoction they will be slurping from Steak and Shake in the very near future.

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  1. OOOHHH! Trying not to be's not working! Have a GREAT time, Cristy!