Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday. Hip, hip hooray.
But, more importantly (at least, to me) today is also my grandmother's birthday. Grandmother is way too formal of a word so that just sounds weird, she's Grandma.

I had the privilege of joining the world on my Grandma's 40th birthday. Always a special day for me and a thorn in her side as well. Why a thorn in her side? Well, it's easy to add my age to 40 so Grandma can never hide her age. While I can't keep track of my other grandparent's ages without a birthday Rolodex, I know Grandma's age every year without even thinking about it.

On my 29th birthday Grandma and I decided that we would stop counting that year; I'd never turn 30 and she'd never turn 70. Well, this year I told her that even though she wants to stop counting I must continue because having children nearly as tall as I am gets some freaky looks when people ask my age and I tell them 29.

I had the pleasure of visiting with my Grandma this past weekend. Living a few (or sometimes many) hours away from her makes it difficult to spend our birthday together so I cherished the time I was able to spend with her this weekend. One thing I know for sure is that the older we both get the more I realize that I don't spend enough time with her.

I love you, Grandma, and Happy 73rd Birthday!

Now, all the rest of you stop subtracting 40 from 73!


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  2. Hope your birthday was happy at whatever age you are! LOL!

    The Bourkes