Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random thoughts

Jet lag sucks. Just as I thought I slept all night and made it through the day without getting tired I was wide awake at 1am last night. At 3 am I rolled over and my husband was wide awake as well. He said "man, they were right; this sucks!"

He went to work at 3:30 am since he was awake with hopes that he could catch up.

I've worn the same clothes 4 days in row but I did wash them. I think they might wear out soon.
No, I didn't wear the same underwear all 4 days and yes, I did shower. I think.

My van is covered in so much salt that it is starting to look (and feel) like I've started a crystal growing experiment. Maybe I should wash it soon or maybe I can secretly hope the rust will magically appear and make all the body panels fall off then I can really have a good reason to get a newer van.

I have always known having two boys four years apart that there would be a period of time where they both will eat everything that doesn't move and our grocery bill will rival the national debt but now I think Claire might have them beat. I feed this girl every couple of hours- like a lot of food and then she's hungry again in a very short time. Where is she putting it? We've gone through a big bunch of bananas in only 2 days.

The souvenirs from China are still spread all over the dining room table. I have grand plans of separating them into bags of who they go to but just haven't gotten there yet.
Our suitcases are still spread all over our room. I did get Claire's put away soon after we got home but ours? Not so much.

Claire is still sleeping on the elevated twin air mattress next to the bottom bunk which Emily sleeps in. I think we might try and move her into the other bunk tomorrow night. She slept in our room the first two nights and then wanted to be in their room. She goes to bed extremely well.

My stomach is having a hard time adjusting back to American food. I assumed the opposite would happen and thought for sure I'd be really messed up while in China but it's been reversed. Maybe this is a kick in the pants to eat healthier all the time instead of being lazy and only eating healthy when I feel like it.
With that sentence I just got an email from Weight Watchers; I think they have my computer bugged.

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  1. You are too funny! We can really relate to the jet lag. Just last night I finally slept through the night and didn't wake up at 3 or 4. Eli is having sleep issues, so one of us is sleeping on the floor in Eli and Philip's room. It's Kevin's turn tonight, and I am giddy with the prospect of a good night's sleep in my own bed! (It's the small things like that that are so wonderful right now! LOL!)

    Here's hoping you all can recover soon from the trip. I can say that it is taking longer to recover this trip than it did with Philip. Maybe by next month we all will feel back to a new normal.

    Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Eli