Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my Dad for teaching me how to push the lawn mower at a young age. How did you know we would eventually buy the largest lot in the subdivision in an area that has had over 50 inches of rain in 9 months making the grass think it has been fed with speed laced water? Really, mowing 1/3 of an acre twice weekly with my push mower is nearly enjoyable. I've now passed on my lawn mowing knowledge to Jacob who actually seems to enjoy it, for now.


  1. ...Jacob will enjoy it...until Matthew becomes of the age that Jacob will believe it is his turn to mow. At least that's how it was at our house. ...Oh the fights/arguments that ensued.

  2. Matthew already begs to mow the yard! I have held him off thus far because he isn't taller than the mower handle.