Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mad Mixer Love

Six years ago this month my wonderful husband bought me a Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas. I had been eyeing them for a few months and had a strong suspicion that I would be receiving one for a gift but the surprise would be what color I would find under the wrapping paper. Would I find a standard, "I match everything" white, or a classy, "I show every fingerprint and need to be windexed everyday" black, or would he decide to go totally funky on me and buy something like daisy yellow that would match absolutely nothing in our house? I was pleasantly surprised to see he bought the one I was secretly hoping for, the Imperial Black, a brushed finish that will match any kitchen we move ourselves into (and that has been many in the six years my Kitchenaid has been attached to me) but yet I don't have to windex it to keep it looking clean. I really like the new red Kitchenaids but at 6 years old, my mixer is a mere toddler in the Kitchenaid world. Maybe the red fad will stick around for quite a long time.

At first I would tell anyone how much I liked my Kitchenaid mixer if they asked, I even convinced my mom that she needed to ask for one for Christmas a couple of years later. They really are that much better than your standard hand mixer, you really must have one; I told her. But, as with anything you really love, the longer you have it, the more your love grows. I now realize I have Mad Mixer Love. In fact, I just told my husband the other day that its a good thing I found him first or I'd want to marry my mixer. We had a plumber at our house yesterday and he saw the Kitchenaid on the counter and asked if I liked it because his wife was wanting one for Christmas. Well, let me tell you how much I LOVE my Kitchenaid...I can start the mixer on a job and come back and he is still working; he didn't get sidetracked and find something different to do. Nope, he continues at the same speed I set him, no complaining, no whining, just standing there spinning round and round, his commitment never wavering even when something might be a little tough to work through, he keeps working just as hard and allows me to do other things in the kitchen that I need to get done. It's coming up to holiday baking season and I used to stand and knead bread for 20 minutes and overwork the muscles in my hands and arms but now I just have my Kitchenaid do it for me. So, I definitely recommend buying your wife a Kitchenaid, but be careful Mr. Plumber, she might just replace her love for you with Mad Mixer Love.

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