Thursday, November 1, 2007

Granola Anyone?

So my husband says I’m really a crunchy person at heart. I haven’t figured out if I should take this as a compliment or not. I see other crunchies at the store and think maybe some take it a bit too far but then look in my own cart to see partial crunchy-granola products causing me to pause and realize the Ho-Ho/ Twinkie buying crowd probably think the exact same thing about me. Then when I hand them my reusable shopping bags at the check-out I might as well blink a neon light above the check-out stand “GRANOLA on Checkout 5.” This is ultimately the case at the commissary. The first time I took my Green Bags to the commissary I almost snickered in line; I just couldn’t wait to see the baggers reaction to their usual “paper or plastic?” Today I was in the amusement park style line and heard the check-out employees say “Green Bags! Green Bags!” to warn each other. I need to head over to Publix and buy a couple more so I can torture them with 6 instead of 4 next time.

Since moving here (where the peeps seem to be more Earth friendly) we have started recycling, bought and use reusable shopping bags, started buying more products that are better for our bodies, and my kids take waste free lunches to school. Before long, items may need a sticker that reads ‘cage free’ or ‘free roam’ to go into my grocery cart. At that time you know I have reached ultimate crunchy status and everyone in my house is groaning when they look for a snack due to the lack of sugar in the food I buy.

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